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Irena Ristic is a researcher in the field of art and psychology of arts.  Graduated from the Faculty of Drama University of Arts in Belgrade, Department of Theater directing. Following that she completed postgraduate studies of psychology of art at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology (MSc) and the Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Theory in Belgrade (PhD), as well as the specialized education at  the Institute of Psychodrama (EAPTI, Belgrade/Vienna).
She is the author of a number of art pieces, performances, cross disciplinary projects and studies, focused mostly on creative processes, group creativity, contextual and performing arts. Also known as the author of “Essays of Friendship and Possesion” (2019), “Beginning and The End of Creative Process” (2010), co-author of “Psychology of Creativity” (2013), the editor of  “Taking Care of the Yard” (2017), and co-editor of the books “Theatre Within the Context… and Not Just Theatre” (2016), “Theatre and/in the Times of War” (2009) and “On Creativity and Arts: Contemporary Psychological Research” (2015).
She is a co-founder of the micro collective Hop.La! and Associate Professor in the Department of Theory and History at the Faculty of Drama University of Arts in Belgrade.
Interdisciplinary & expanded media
Surplus Value / Hop.La! @ Shabac City Theatre, 2019.
On Friendship and Possession, an exhibition / Hop.La! @ Crocodile Center for contemporary litarature, 2019.
The rehearsal / Actopolis project Formally Informal@Goethe Institute, Belgrade, Serbia/Oberhausen, Germany, 2016.
Self-Scape / Hop.La!@34e  Festival Tous Court  Aix en Provence, France, etc. 2016.
Thus spoke Irena Ristic / Hop.La!@Rex, Belgrade, 2015.
Careful observation / Hop.La!@Rex, Belgrade, 2014.
Just an ordinary cinema: Unpaired / Hop.La!@Rex, Belgrade, 2013.
process_K /  Hop.La!@CC City/Grad, Belgrade, 2011.
Appetite /Hop.La!@57th DSFFB, Belgrade etc. 2010.
Room of little fears / Hop.La!@Rex, Belgrade, 2009.
Autopsy / Hop.La! & Ah.Ahilej@Museum of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade, 2005.
Theatre (selection)
White mane, after R. Guillot @ Shabac City Theatre, 2019.
Saga I. Ristic @CZKD, Belgrade, Serbia, 2006.
On the way … Seeking  by the play of P. Handke @Washerei P, Hall in Tyrol, Austria / Schauspielschule Zerboni, Munchen(GER), Associazione Teatrale Pirate Ship,Bergamo (IT) and  Nothdurft  Verein fur Theater, Hall in Tirol (AUS), 2003.
Eleven weeks R.Pavlovic @Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia, 2000.
Kangaroo Skin Shoes  K. Milutinovic @Belgrade Drama Theatre, Serbia, 1999.
La Dame aux Camélias by A. Dumas Fils @National Theater of  Republic of Serbia, Banjaluka, 1998.
The Best Team on the World  by S. Koprivica @Children scene Narional Theater  Krusevac, 1997.
Man ist Man by B. Breht @Belgrade Drama Theatre, 1996.
Madam Olga  M. Bojic @National Theater “Sterija”,Vrsac, Serbia, 1996.
Too much reality Z. Videnovic @KPGT, Belgrade, Serbia, 1996.
Mousetrap A. Christie @Belgrade Drama Theater. Serbia, 1995.
Love on First Sight A. Popovic @Children Scene Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, Serbia, 1995.
Men at the table S. Valjarevic, I. Piper @PPP Fest, Rex Belgrade, Serbia, 1995.
Love of Perlimplin and Belisa F. G. Lorca @Agora fest, Itaca & Skordisci, Becej, Serbia, 1994/
Notorious @Evening Stage Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 1993.
Quartet  H. Muller @Belgrade Drama Theater, Serbia, 1992.
As It Happen Before… N. Milic @New stage Crnjanski, Belgrade, 1991.
Participatory work & polyphony
Bitef Poliphony, programming and co-editing, 2007-2019.
Taking Care of the Yard, dialogue platform@Association NKSS, Belgrade etc, 2014-2017
Theatre Within the Context … and Not Just Thater, International Symposium @16th Bitef Poliphony, Zaprokul, 2015
The Site, Hop.La!  youth program  in/about public spaces @13th Bitef Poliphony, Belgrade outdoor, 2012
Good Questions Club, Hop.La! youth program on/in/to questions for high school students of Belgrade, 2010
Pride & Prejudices , Hop.La! program focused onto prejudgments and radicalization the life manners of local youth, 2008
Me and You+ Something in Between, after the book of M. Buber, Hop.La! @8th Bitef Poliphony, 2007
Ristic, I. (2019). Essays of friendship and possession. Belgrade: Geopoetika
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Self-scape: Honorable Mention from the Jury of  Experimental Competition at the 34th Festival Tous Courts in Aix en Provence 2016
Apettite: Golden medal for best experimental film at 57th Documentary and Short Film Festival Belgrade 2011
Early-stage Researcher Award, Psihologija Journal, 2016
Generation Z: Best youth policy project of City of Belgrade in 2011
E: ir.ristic@gmail.com
W: irena-ristic.com
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