Surplus value

During winter 2019 in Shabac theater, the action research was conducted with artists who were involved in the preparation of the repertoire performance, in order to examine the attitudes of theater artists and cultural operators toward socioeconomic division within the collective to which they belong, as well as toward the distribution of a potentially common property. Semi-structured interviews, questionnaire and plenum techniques were used. The results show a high degree of tabooization of speech about money and a class division, the devaluation of socialist legacy and lack of information that facilitate the naturalization of current working conditions, as well as a series of contradictory reactions that reveal the inhibitory effects of fear from taking on the responsibility for the commoning. The results also indicate the conditions and possibilities of change within a theater institution, as a stronghold of collective practices and the space of social superstructure.

​Author and researcher: Irena Ristić

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Ristić, I. (2019b). Strah od zajedničkog, ili “Nije to naše, to je vaše!” [Fear of commoning, or  `It’s not ours, it’s yours`]. Zbornik radova Fakulteta dramskih umetnosti u Beogradu, 35,  87–101. >>