White mane

“White Mane” is a storytelling installation and performance  for children older than six years, but also for adults who have not forgotten what a friendship is, what is freedom and why it is important to come with children to the theater.

It is based on original story by Rene Gullot – about friendship of a boy and a horse. In this setting, we have four stories. One story comes from the boy, the second one is from the horse, the third story is remembered by the old guardian Antonio, and the fourth one comes from the big Boss – the owner of the property and all living things in Camarga. The audience’s task is to collect all stories which can be done in different ways.

Story tellers and performers:
Milos Vojnovic (White mane), Dusan Simic (Folko), Ivan Tomasevic (Antonio), Vladimir Milojevic (Gazda), Siniša Maksimovic (Euzibio), Deana Kostic (Rita)
Scene and costumes: Škart kolektiv (Dragan Protic, Djordje Balmazovic and associates)
Original music: Boris Mladenovic
Dramaturgy: Tijana Grumić
Graphic design: Kombinart
Guides: Jovana Omerović, Filip Trifunović, Igor Antić, Luka Lazarević, Đorđe Urban, Goran Dimitrijević, Iva Tadić and Sonja Makević

Concept, adaptation and direction: Irena Ristić
Produkcija: Shabac City Theatre, season 2018/19

At the very beginning, the audience is divided into four groups (red, blue, green and yellow) and invited to participate actively. Each group gathers up to 12 people and has its guide who help them in collecting the stories. Every route is different so that stories can be collected in four different ways. Consequently, the performance has four viewing options, and each one is unique. In addition to collecting stories, the audience receives special tasks during the performance, it should overcome several obstacles with the help of joint actions, accompanied by guides and on the basis of mutual support. After the performance, a short workshop is held where the audience exchanges their impressions of the stories and content they have followed.

Anyone who comes to the performance for the first time becomes a member of the gang “White mane” and gets a membership card, with the mark of the group in which he was. So the next time he can ask to be in another group and to gather stories with another guide.

Duration : 55 minutes (+ 15-20 minutes of workshops)