31st of March 2010
@57th Documentary and Short Film Festival Belgrade

A couple is at the table, having breakfast. In the neighborhood, a third screams.
How much can they swallow?

“Appetite” is a short experimental film about the fear of indifference, about a lack of empathy and the times when it is too late, or simply when there is no more choice, so a lack of reaction becomes the necessary result of helplessness. The story is about the phenomenon of forced indifference and rift that causes, on the morning in which someone tries to have breakfast (and what else?)  while in the next room / apartment / house / street / district / city / country / world / head – someone else is asking for help.

No, no … do not be strict!
Even if they want to, they can’t do anything at this moment.

Author: Irena Ristic
Co-writer: Milos Paunovic
DP: Ivan Todorovski
Editor: Ana Radojicic
Music: Ah.Ahilej
Cast:  Magda Popovic & Milos Paunovic
Voice: Sanja Radisic
Production: Hop.La! 2010
Duration: 7 min 24 sec

Other screenings: Fenêtres sur Courts Dijon/France, In the  Palace Balchik Film Festival /Bulgaria, Landau Film Festival, Video Pool London/uk, Nihilist Film Festival / USA, Cross Video Budapest /Hungary, Festival Internacional de Arte Electrónico y Video Transitio_MX 04, Ciudad de Mexico, Freenet World Nis/Serbia, No exit Zrenjanin/Sr, Instants Video France/Mexico/Palestine, Femix Belgrade/Sr etc.

Award: Golden medal for the best experimental film at the 57th Documentary and Short Film Festival Belgrade

Film is now released for public at vimeo and yt.