Just an ordinary cinema: Unpaired

11th of October 2012
@Cultural Center Rex Belgrade


“Unpaired” is a polymedia experiment on a missed encounters within a narrow framework where human perception is brief and the image fades away before it has been actually formed. Through window panes, the view follows the life of tenants in a house: ephemeral fragments of intimacy caught, and then magnified in their emergence and disappearance. There are many, and each of them can be seen only once, briefly, as they appear and disappear, avoiding a view, as well as expectations. Although the house may resemble a colorful and attractive carousel, a strange synchronicity underlines opportunities for new stories, necessarily missed because they remain in the eye of the observer, out of reach of the people involved. The score replaces narrative, form follows the rules of musical composition played by 100 participants of different ages, vocations and choices … most have nothing in common except the address and decision to become a part of the video.

Author: Irena Ristic
Co-writers: Andjelka Nikolic, Milos Paunovic
DP: Ivan Todorovski
Editing: Ana Radojicic
Music: Ah.Ahilej
Set design: Zorana Petrov
Graphic design: Mihaela Drakulovic
Production: Hop.La! 2012

Other screenings: Portobello Film Festival 2013, London (UK), TIFF Experimental Short Competition 2013, Tirana (Albania)