Careful observation

Cultural Center Rex
2013/2014 Belgrade

Careful observation is an interdisciplinary project on the position of non-institutional cultural operators and artists in Belgrade and their relationship to government bodies. It examines the concept of independence in the context of various forms of state control, reconsidered through the analysis of contracts and current legislation, with reference to the implicit aspects of (self)censorship and corruption in contemporary artistic practice.

Careful observation is focused on the contract – the one which is signed by the author and City Culture Committee on the occasion of the “Careful observation”. The outcome of the contract is a specific relationship; a sales relationship rather than a partnership. This relationship could be changed, like any other. Maybe it should be changed in order to match cultural needs. On Friday 17th January 2014, all who visited Cultural Center Rex were invited to decide about that or to delegate their own decision to another – each according to their own discretion and choice.

Careful observation was initiated in August 2013, via a blog for sharing ideas of independent artists and cultural operators about the lack of state support and problems with current legislature. As a public inquiry, the project was realized through the Web, a series of dialogues with city representatives, and through the performance of all participants.

Author: Irena Ristic
Performer: Jelena Ilic
Software: Zoran Maravic
Music: Ah Ahilej
Design: Mihaela Drakulovic
Production: Hop.La!