Essays of friendship and possession

Essays of friendship and possession is a book which examines the concept of closeness in the era of post-Fordist hegemony.  It includes 44 short stories, 18 friends, 5 letters, 1 property list, the ex-boyfriend and the neighbors.

Book has published by Geopoetika, and followed with installation in 15th of June 2019, at the Crocodile Center for Contemporary Literature in Belgrade. The guests were invited to expose the objects which were borrowed from the friends, but were never returned – intentionally or by accident. The collected objects were accompanied by the micro-narratives, as the starting point for a dialogue: it was about friendship, and it was initiated by Tijana Grumić, dramatist, Bojan Babić, writer and Jasna Novakov Sibinović, art theoretician and the editor of Geopoetika.